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Capitol Theater marquee ready to shine once again

15409496_BG1Original story by Marc Jacobson for ABC12
September 7, 2011

Flint, MI — After remaining dark since the early 1990s, the

Capitol Theater’s marquee is ready to light up downtown Flint once again.

“Man, it’s exciting to see it all lit up; 465 light bulbs all up and running, powered up for the first time in decades,” said Spencer Agency CEO Josh Spencer.

The Spencer Agency has been working with the Capitol’s owners to make it happen. Following next week’s relighting ceremony, the marquee will remain lit each and every weekend.

“Its a great chance to bring more attention to the theater, and it’ll hopefully bring more attention to Flint. And then hopefully we can see some other people and promoters want to bring some things

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into the theater space itself,” Spencer said.

The cost to keep the lights on is somewhere around $500 a month. An advertising deal with Vic Canever Chevrolet will provide that cash.

“It makes me very proud because my father’s been here a long time before me, and downtown Flint is a part of history,” said Vic Canever Chevrolet President Richard Canever.

Additional businesses are being courted to fill the other side of the marquee as well.

“It’s just great advertising space to let people know what’s happening in this area,” Spencer said.

Downtown residents we spoke with are just happy to see the 83-year-old venue show signs of life.

“Being in the Rowe building, many of us have the opportunity to look out our windows over at the lights here. It’s excitement,” said Steve James.

As far as the actual theater, it would take a lot of hard work, and a lot of money, before it would be ready to host another major event, but management believes lighting the marquee is the first step toward a brighter future.

“I think it would be great to bring in large concerts and other events. It’s something that could be done in the near future,” Spencer said.

No word yet on just how much money it would take to actually renovate the Capitol Theater, but its owners say they plan to find out.


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